Why You Should Get Your Leather Upholstery Cleaned Every Few Years

When it comes to cleaning your furniture, you probably assume that as long as it looks clean on the surface and you give it a good wipe or vacuum every few months, everything is fine. The truth is that a lot of different types of furniture require special cleaning to ensure that they remain in good shape and do not deteriorate prematurely. After all, there can be a lot more dirt, bacteria and corrosive elements attacking your furniture than you can see. That is why you should ensure a professional leather upholstery cleaning at least every few years.

Body Oil

One of the biggest problems that leather furniture faces is body oil from those who sit on it. This is natural and cannot be avoided if you want to enjoy your leather couch. Luckily, it can also be easily cleaned off with the right upholstery cleaning service that is tailored for leather goods. Do not try to just clean it off with a towel and some water, as this will not absorb the oil and instead just make it look worse. Special equipment is required to remove these oil stains and restore your couch or chair to its former glory.


Another problem leather can acquire over time is a persistent smell. This can come from one, unfortunate incident (such as someone spilling aromatic food over the couch) or it can be a build-up over many years. Whatever the case, if your leather furniture smells strange, then you do not have to throw it out or replace it. Before you stoop to such drastic measures, try an upholstery cleaning service. Not only are they cheaper than replacing your couch, but they can make it seem as though it is brand new, which is perfect for a couch you already love and are used to.


If the leather furniture you own has been left in the sun a long time or is cracking due to age or moisture, then you should call in a restoration expert immediately. Cracking can gradually appear over time, which is why scheduled visits from an upholstery cleaner are best to prevent this from ramping up over time. If you start to see any rough patches or uneven surfaces on your leather upholstery then do not hesitate to act or it could become far more damaging and potentially irreparable later on down the track. 

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