Three Lesser Known Facts About Asbestos That You Need To Know About

Asbestos is a famously well-documented and dangerous material that many people know the risks of, and yet you might not realise just how commonplace it still is. Asbestos removal is a large industry, and these contractors are called out to properties all across the country every day. If you are even slightly suspicious that your building contains asbestos, then you should call for an inspection. To help you out, here are three lesser-known facts about asbestos's usage in Australia so that you are never caught unprepared and so that you have the best chance of eliminating this risk in your home or business. 

It Is Not Just Used In Insulation

When they hear the term asbestos, most people think of its use as part of the insulation in your walls or attic. While insulation did take up a large percentage of the overall amount of asbestos found in Australia, you can also find asbestos in all sorts of different areas of your building. From tiles to doors and everything in between, asbestos was often used as an ingredient in other materials because it had great fire-suppressing qualities as well as other characteristics that made it attractive to builders. If you have a home that was built before the 1990s, chances are you have some form of asbestos in it.

All Over Your Property

A lot of people forget that asbestos was not just used in homes. I can be found in virtually every structure on your property. From your shed and dog kennels to large barns, if the structure was built before asbestos was outlawed, then there is a strong chance that the structure has asbestos in it. It was a very universal material that is still used in a lot of parts of the world despite how well-publicised the dangers of it are. Don't just think that you have no asbestos in your home because it is new; make sure every structure on your property is safe.

You Need To Hire Professionals

Unlike other hazards that you might be able to clear out on your own, asbestos has to be safely disposed of by licensed professionals. That is simply because it is too dangerous to even shake or move around without protective equipment to stop it from entering your body. Never try to move any asbestos on your own, or the fines that you face could be the least of your worries. Many landfill sites won't even take asbestos, so even if you remove it, you will have nowhere to dispose of it, which is another reason why professionals have to be used. 

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