How to Dry a Steam-Cleaned Carpet Quickly

There is no doubt that hot water extraction is arguably one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods. Steam cleaning machines use extremely hot water vapour under high pressure mixed with cleaning agents to rid carpets of stains, loose dirt, debris, and foul odour. Despite all the work that goes into cleaning carpets using steam, you will be surprised that the most challenging part is drying a carpet fast and effectively. Indeed, service providers do their best to suck all the moisture from a carpet. However, you might wait a few hours before a carpet is ready. Here are tips for accelerating the drying time of a steam-cleaned carpet.

Encourage Air Circulation

There is no cleaning machine in the market that entirely dries a carpet after steam cleaning. The best a cleaning staff can do is to suck as much moisture from a carpet as possible and leave it relatively dry. To ensure that a steam-cleaned rug dries completely, cleaning staff will ask you to increase air circulation in your home. You can do it by opening all the windows in a room and turning on a ceiling fan. Since outdoor air does not contain moisture, increasing air circulation encourages fast water evaporation from a carpet. Most importantly, open all windows and run the fan at high speeds.

Use a Dehumidifier

Since a steam-cleaned carpet contains a bit of moisture, it can only dry adequately if the surrounding air is drier than the rug. Notably, a ceiling fan dries indoor air, but the process can be a bit slow, causing inconveniences in high traffic areas, such as receptions and hallways. A dehumidifier can help accelerate the drying process since it is designed to strip indoor air of moisture, which goes a long way in accelerating a carpet's drying time. Since a dehumidifier uses electricity, it is advisable to use it when weather conditions do not allow you to open the doors and windows. The best strategy is to leave a dehumidifier on for the night so that it can wick moisture from a carpet adequately.

Blow Dry

A blow drier is not only used to dry wet hair at home or a salon. They are also brilliant at drying wet carpets fast. Notably, most carpet cleaning service providers come equipped with blow driers and only leave when they have blown every inch of a carpet dry. The best thing about handheld blow driers is that they allow you to dry the padding underneath after peeling back a carpet. Remember, if you do not dry the padding, a carpet takes longer to dry.

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