Know What Else Joins You When You Sit on Your Upholstery

Do you know how often you should clean your leather upholstery? You need to clean it at least twice a year if you want to extend its lifespan, increase its appeal and maintain healthy indoor air. Additionally, your couch collects things that you might not want to share the couch with. Do you want to know what else is sitting on the leather couch with you? Keep reading!

Oils and Grease

The sofa fibres absorb body oils as you touch or sit on them. They become the 'magnets' that dirt sticks to every time you or your pet or kids sit on the furniture. The oils and grease leave unsightly stains on your couch and create spots where germs congregate. These oils end up on your leather sofa every day that you sit on it. Get professional cleaners to vacuum or clean your furniture to make it look nice, increase the shelf-life of its fibres and remove the greasy germ zone on it.

Allergens and Dust Mites

Dust mites usually nest in those soft fibres of your sofa. They leave faeces and shed their skin on it often. The shed skin and faeces dry up and trigger asthma, allergies and blocked airways when inhaled. The usual cleaning or vacuuming you do can't eliminate these pesky mites. Only professional leather upholstery cleaning every six months will achieve it. Get professional cleaning services for your leather upholstery every three or four months if you have pets and children around.

Bacteria and Viruses

You spend a lot of time on the couch, especially during the colder months. Have you thought about the number of bacteria, viruses and other germs you transfer to your leather upholstery during this period? The germs can get to your leather upholstery in extremely high numbers if you have playful pets and kids in the house. Bacteria and viruses easily attach to the sofa fibres and onto the bodies of those who sit on it. Professional upholstery cleaning doesn't only remove the stubborn germs, but it also makes your settee safer to rest on and leaves it with a fresher smell.

You have peace of mind when your upholstery is clean since you also have a cleaner, drier and healthier home. A leather upholstery cleaning service will not leave any of the above elements on your leather couch. They have reagents and equipment that remove the invisible toxic particles and chemicals on your sofa. Now that you know what joins you when sitting on your expensive leather couch, you should invest in professional leather upholstery cleaning.

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