Would Your Restaurant Benefit from Regular, Professional Cleaning?

Sometimes, it might feel like running a restaurant can involve more cleaning than actual cooking. Sure, certain cleaning tasks need to be taken care of by you and your staff, both prior to opening and after your doors have closed for the evening. Many of these tasks are simple, though necessary, and probably need to be done over and over during a regular shift, such as the cleaning of preparation surfaces and utensils within the kitchen. But what about the kitchen itself? While you probably schedule a more intensive cleaning on a regular basis, have you ever considered outsourcing any of the labour-intensive cleaning jobs, leaving you and your staff to focus on the food?

Getting Rid of Grease

Addressing the accumulation of grease and other cooking byproducts is an important aspect of an intensive restaurant kitchen cleaning. A buildup of these substances is largely unavoidable, even by the most meticulous of staff. This is best dealt with by having professionals clean behind your restaurant's oven, grill and deep fryer. Where possible (which depends on the size and installation of the appliances in question), the appliances will be carefully pulled out from the wall for pressure washing, and the service should include the proper disposal of any grease-infused water.

Range Hoods and Walk-In Coolers

Your range hood will also benefit from regular professional cleaning. Depending on the make and model of the device, it can often be partially dismantled with the individual components cleaned by hand, sometimes in conjunction with pressure washing. Detachable grill surfaces can be removed and cleaned at the same time. Your restaurant's walk-in cooler can also be included in this scheduled cleaning so that surfaces and floors can be professionally cleaned using non-toxic detergents which are suitable for food storage areas.

Beyond the Kitchen

When professional cleaning is scheduled on a regular basis for your restaurant kitchen, its scope can expand beyond the kitchen. You might also wish for the visit to include an exhaustive, sanitising cleaning of your restaurant bathrooms, as well as carpet cleaning for heavily trafficked interior walkways.

You want to provide the cleanest possible environment for food preparation, but it would be fantastic if someone else was to do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your restaurant in a pristine condition. Professional cleaning can remove a lot of the pressure from you and your employees, giving you more time to focus on what goes on your customers' plates

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