Two changes you should make to your cleaning routine after getting a dog or a cat

There are a number of changes you should make to your usual cleaning routine after getting a dog or a cat. Read on to find out what these changes are.

Swap your standard household cleaning chemicals for non-toxic products

Both dogs and cats will usually spend a lot of time walking around their homes, staring out the windows and taking naps on various pieces of furniture.

If you use standard household cleaning chemicals (such as, for example, bleach on your floor tiles or deodorising spray on your fabric-covered furniture) to sanitise the surfaces that your new pet walks and sleeps on, there is a chance that some of the residues from these products will end up being transferred to their paws.

If they then put their paws in their mouth, they could digest this toxic residue. Depending on what the ingredients the cleaning product contains, this could result in anything from mild gastrointestinal distress to serious, life-threatening liver or kidney damage.

As such, when your new pet arrives at your home, you should dispose of your current collection of cleaning products and replace them with non-toxic products.

For example, you can replace your window cleaner with vinegar (vinegar is non-toxic, does not leave behind streaks and gives glass surfaces a great shine).

Additionally, instead of using synthetic chemical stain-removers, you may want to use a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda (when these acidic and alkaline items are combined, they fizz up and remove most types of stains from countertops, floors and fabrics).

Finally, instead of using synthetic surfactant cleaning sprays to remove grime and oil-based spillages from surfaces, you should use a diluted solution of castile soap.

Start having carpets steam-cleaned by a professional on a regular basis

If your new pet is not yet house-trained, you will probably have to clean up a lot of toilet 'accidents' from your carpets during the first month or so after they arrive at your home.

Even after they are fully house-trained, your pets will still end up making your carpets dirty and stained, as they will transfer soil and dirt onto the carpeting every time they come home after being outside for a while.

Whilst cleaning up these accidents and patches of dirt promptly can help to minimise the negative impact this mess has on the condition of your carpets, it may not be possible for you to fully remove all of the urine, soil particles and pet dander from the carpet fabric.

Over time, the accumulation of this debris and bacteria could give your carpets an unpleasant smell and a discoloured appearance.

As such, when you get your new pet, you should seek out the help of a professional cleaner that offers carpet steam cleaning services.

Having your carpeting steam cleaned regularly will ensure that any odour-causing bacteria are killed off. It will also help to melt away any grime that is clinging to the carpet fibres and make it far easier to remove stubborn stains.

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