A Quick Guideline to Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

A strong and high-quality vacuum cleaner can help to remove dust, dirt, and other debris from your home's carpets, and keep that flooring in good condition for many years. However, vacuuming alone, even with the most reliable equipment, won't be enough to thoroughly clean carpet fibres, and to remove ground-in dirt and debris that is caught along the carpet's matting. Professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis is always recommended for any home carpeting, no matter its material or its age and condition, so note a few tips and considerations on getting this job done in your home.

How often to have carpets cleaned

It's often recommended that carpets be cleaned annually, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule to follow. If you have dogs or other outdoor animals, they are no doubt tracking lots of dirt and mud into your home. If there is a smoker in the family, or if you often cook with very pungent ingredients such as onions and garlic, those odours can get caught in carpet fibres. You may not notice these smells, but your guests might be bothered by them! If your home's carpets are exposed to heavy traffic or other such abuse, don't assume that an annual cleaning will be enough to keep them in good condition, but consider having them professionally cleaned twice per year, or as often as needed.

Type of cleaning

Cleaning a home's carpet doesn't just mean shampooing; a company may offer a steam cleaning, which uses plain steam to quickly lift dirt and restore the carpet's nap. This can be good if your carpets aren't overly dirty, and only need a quick and simple cleaning. A carpet raking involves using a type of stiff rubber broom that literally rakes dirt from the carpet, and which also pulls up the fibres so they look full once again. Both these options can be good if you have sensitivities to carpet shampoos and other chemicals that are often used for carpet cleaning.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning involves just cleaning the trafficked areas of your carpeting, with a special emphasis on entryways or doorways. This can be good to have done in between shampooing, but note that dust, dirt, and other irritants can get trapped in carpeting that is under and behind your home's furniture. Don't overlook having the home's entire carpeting cleaned on a regular basis, so that all the debris trapped in its fibres and under the carpet's matting can be properly removed, and your home is then clean and hygienic.

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