Choosing a New Carpet Colour? Consider These Things to Decide in Minutes!

Planning for new carpet in your home? Whilst you might already be firmly decided upon the type of flooring, you've still got much left to consider. Carpet colour can be one of the more challenging decisions that you make—and with good reason, as the carpet is likely to be present all through your home. Here are the things to consider whilst choosing the colour of your new carpet. Which of these carpet shades speaks to you?

Carpet Colours You'll Like For Your Busy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle may have a significant impact upon your carpet colour choice. Do you have a busy lifestyle that includes heaps of activity (and foot traffic to go alongside?) What about young children and pets? In any situation where there are many feet moving along the carpet daily or where small kids and pets play, light colours tend to be a poor choice.

With high activity levels, ground-in dirt and stains are almost inevitable, and this is much more easily disguised on neutral shades, or even darker carpet shades. Brown, beige, or any darker shades tend to be good choices for busy lifestyles. 

Carpet Colours For Your Unique Aesthetic

If you're looking to create a specific mood inside your home—specifically an elegant and serene feel—you might love carpet colours in the blue family. Shades of pale green and sea blue can create a peaceful yet elegant aesthetic within your home. Neutral shades like grey and beige can also work well when you want that look of effortless casual elegance.

Bright Shades For a Bold Statement

Bright carpet colours—including vivid reds, blues and purples—can create a bold statement for a single room or for your entire home. However, bear in mind that these colour choices don't work with all furniture. You'll need to carefully consider the home furnishings to ensure that the carpet doesn't overwhelm the home visually. It's also important to remember that bright colours (as well as the darkest colours) can make a room feel smaller. 

What Colour Is Right For Your Home?

Still not sure which colour is right for your home? The good news is that you may not have to live with your chosen colour forever. Carpet dyeing is an option if you're looking to create a brand-new look—even on older carpet that's endured years of foot traffic and spills. Contact your local carpet dyeing provider to learn more about carpet dyeing options today.

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