Construction Cleaning Services: Procedure for Starting Your Own Business

When commercial and residential building projects get completed, it is the work of construction cleaning companies to perform the final cleaning and clearing of any building materials that are left behind by the construction contractor.

The job is characterized by attention to detail, long working hours as well as a lot of heavy lifting. The common tasks involved in the job include but are not limited to removing dust and building materials, such as pieces of metal, glass, and wood, metal polishing, cleaning the windows and floors, etc.

Construction companies and real-estate developers often rely on construction cleaning businesses to prepare newly constructed buildings for sale or lease to their customers. Hence, for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a construction cleaning business, below is a step by step procedure to follow.

Get a license for the business

The first step in starting a construction site cleaning company is to apply for a business license. It is advisable to consult with the Australian Business License and Information Service (ABLIS), to find out whether to apply for the license from the state, territorial or local authorities. It is also important to register the business with the Australian Business Register (ABR) to get an Australian Business Number (ABN), which enables an individual to keep track of the various permits, licenses and registration for their business/company as well as for taxation purposes.

Insure the company

After the construction cleaning company gets registered and licensed to operate, it should also get insured. Construction cleaning is a dangerous industry because workers often come across dangerous materials such as broken glass, industrial chemicals and sharp pieces of metal—all of which could cause harm to a person. Thus, it is essential for the business to have insurance for its workers that covers them when accidents or injuries occur.

Employ workers with sufficient industrial and construction cleaning experience

The qualifications of construction cleaning employees often get determined by the state or local authorities. In some regions, the minimum requirement for a construction site cleaning worker is a Certificate I in Cleaning Operations. However, the qualifications could be higher in other parts of the country. Thus, always make sure to check the eligibility documents as well as the experience an individual has before making the hire.

Procure cleaning equipment

Construction cleaning companies utilize various pieces of equipment ranging from bulldozers and industrial grade trash bins to helmets, overalls, and gloves for the workers. Without the equipment, it is almost impossible for the business to operate efficiently, so basic equipment such as protective gear for the workers should get purchased beforehand. It is also essential to either lease or purchase a company vehicle (preferably a van or Ute) for ferrying equipment and workers to and from the job site.

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