Five Notorious Pests to Target at Home

Maintaining high hygiene standards is key in ensuring that you keep your home free from pests. Some pests, however, are not necessarily attracted by a dirty environment. Engaging pest control service providers ensures you can deal with all types of pests, no matter the cause leading them to your home. The pests may damage your food, cause allergies through their bites, or cause damage to your furniture and other household items.

The following are some of the common pests you may have to deal with.

1. Termites

These pests are so common that one in every four Australian homes will have them in their lifetime. The termites are destructive, causing damage mostly to wooden structures. Only competent pest control experts can successfully deal with these pests in your home. When you are buying a home, you also need these pest control professionals to inspect the house before you move in.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are nocturnal, coming out at night when you are asleep. Your kitchen is one of their favourite spots, and they can eat anything. When temperatures are cold, you are not likely to see them. One of the reasons that you urgently need to call a pest control expert if you see them is that cockroaches can carry diseases.

3. Rodents

The main culprits here are rats and mice. These pests are mostly in search of food in your home. They may not necessarily live inside your home, but can access your home and cause damage to various items. Rodents are carriers of diseases and should be prevented from entering your home. The signs of their presence in your home include smear marks on floor boards, teeth marks on electric cables, and their droppings.

4. Spiders

Spiders live mostly in gardens or sheds outside your home. Their presence means having messy webs in your compound. Spiders can pose a threat to your children and pets, mostly through their bites. They can also be a danger to adults. Pest control experts can give you recommendations on the best sprays to use to eliminate them from your home.

5. Flies

Flies are most common during warmer months of the year. Compared to other pests, flies are easier to manage. The presence of these pests in your home may send a wrong message to your visitors. Their buzz is a nuisance. In addition, flies carry various diseases, including food poisoning bacteria.

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