Spotless Cleaning | Using Steam To Deep Clean Your Tiles In 3 Strategic Steps

A steam cleaning machine is an excellent way to get rid of deeply embedded dirt and grime in your tiles and grout because it lifts most bacteria from the floor surfaces in comparison to traditional mops. This cleaner utilises high steam pressure to disinfect and remove entrenched dirt without the need for any dangerous chemicals. This commentary enables you to use steam to deep clean your tiles and grout by following some strategic steps.

Vacuum Or Sweep Off Loose Debris From The Surface

To get the best results, start by vacuuming or sweeping off loose and large debris from the floor surface, which a steam cleaner won't be able to eliminate on its own. You'll likely already have a vacuum cleaner or broom in your home, so you don't need to buy or hire any special equipment for this step. You can finish up by lightly mopping the floor surface to enable the steam cleaner to work more effectively.

Add Plain Water To The Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners can either be purchased or can be rented from any home improvement or retail store across Australia. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and add water to the tank located on your steam cleaner. Avoid mixing any cleaning chemicals to the water. Switch on the steam cleaner by plugging it into the electrical outlet, and let the water heat up inside. Once the water heats up sufficiently, heated steam will start to dissipate from the cleaner onto your tiles and grout. You may need to press the handle to release this heat onto the floor. Once the steam hits the floor, move the cleaner forward and backward over the surface you want to deep clean –– your tiles and grout.

Replace Or Clean The Floor-Touching Add-On To Ensure A Proper Clean

When running the steam cleaner over a dirty floor, the floor-touching add-on is bound to get dirty and filled with debris and grime. After a while, this grime on the add-on will fail to clean your floor, which means that you will either need to replace or clean it depending on the specific model you plan on using for this task. For instance, some models have microfibre add-ons for cleaning floors, which simply need to be cleaned and placed back on, while others have special sponges that need to be replaced to ensure proper floor cleaning. This action will lift off the deeply embedded dirt and grime from your tiles and grout to give it a near new appearance once again.

These strategic steps will help you steam clean your tiles and grout easily.

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