The Importance of Office Cleanliness

Owning a business is hard work; even the smallest of enterprises requires a huge amount of effort and dedication to run. Because they have so many other important tasks to attend to, many business owners find that maintaining the appearance of their premises ends up at the bottom of their to-do list. This can result in their commercial spaces looking decidedly run-down and unprofessional. If this sounds a lot like your business premises, here is an explanation of why you might need to start taking better care of your commercial space.

Why cleanliness matters

Whilst keeping your premises clean can be rather tedious, it is an important activity which should not be neglected. Some entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that office cleanliness is irrelevant to the success of their businesses and so put little to no effort into keeping their commercial spaces neat and tidy. In reality, however, the condition of an office plays a role in both employee productivity and how the business is perceived by their clients.

Filthy desks that are covered in dust, food packaging, stationery and piles of disorganised paperwork not only serve as an unpleasant and potentially demotivating work environment, but they may also negatively impact your employees' efficiency levels, as they're more likely to waste time searching for documents that have been misplaced within the chaotic mess that is their work area.

Additionally, if a client is met with overflowing rubbish bins, dust-covered floors and cluttered surfaces when they come to visit your offices, they will be more inclined to form a negative opinion of your enterprise, as a messy commercial space could indicate that you are not coping well with your current workload and are running an unprofessional and disorganised business. As such, it really does pay to keep your offices clean and tidy.

Take a two-pronged approach to creating a clean working environment

There are a couple of ways to improve the condition of your commercial space. You could, for instance, establish a set of cleaning guidelines for employees, which will encourage each of them to look after their own individual work areas (for example, you could ask them to empty their rubbish bins at the end of each day, or to wash their dishes in the lunch room after they are finished using them). If your employees are somewhat lacking in motivation, consider setting up a weekly or monthly competition for 'cleanest work area', and offer a special prize (perhaps a bottle of wine, a small cash bonus or a gift voucher) to the person who wins. If you can afford to, it's also a good idea to look for a company like SKG Pty Ltd in your local area that offers commercial cleaning services. They will be able to handle the more time-consuming tasks, such as carpet hoovering and washing, floor polishing, dusting and bathroom cleaning, the results of which will give your premises a truly professional appearance.

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