Rental Cleans for Tenants and Landlords

When you find yourself renting out a newly built or decorated property to new tenants, or you're taking back a rental property from them, there are a few different cleaning requirements that must be considered before any contracts are signed or deposits are handed back. This is to protect both parties to ensure that the property meets the required standards and expectations of the landlord and the tenants, reducing the risk of legal action or the loss of money from the deposit. A builders clean and exit clean are common procedures that both entail cleaning the property, yet are done at different times and may have various stipulations written into the contract as to how they are completed. 

Builders Clean

The builders clean is done after the property has been built and furnished. Various companies will offer differing services within their builders clean, however the standard services include the cleaning of dust and paint flecks from all surfaces, the removal of all plastic coverings on newly fitted appliances, removal of excess grout from tiled surfaces and a general polish of chrome and glass. However additional services can often be purchased such as deep carpet shampooing. The builders clean is more thorough than a standard clean because it's focus lies on both tidying the construction debris as well as getting the property ready for viewings and rentals. This is the responsibility of the landlord to organise before the tenants rent the property.

Exit Clean

The exit clean differs because it is the responsibility of the tenants to complete before they hand back the keys. Failing to hand back the property in a state that is highlighted as being acceptable within the contract could lead to loss of money from the deposit. Most contracts will stipulate that the property must be handed back in the same condition, minus fair wear and tear. An exit clean company will offer many individual services that can be purchased. However, if you wish to save money, then you can hire the company to just clean the carpets while you clean everything else yourself. This is because in many contracts the carpets often need professional cleaning through an approved cleaning company. Failing to use a recognised cleaning company can again result in loss of deposit if they fail to clean properly. However. approved companies will usually offer free cover stating that they will incur any costs if the carpet is not cleaned to the required standard. This is something that every tenant should ensure they clarify before hiring someone to clean on their behalf. 

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