Carpet Cleaning - Things You Should Know

Carpets are something people often forget, but having them regularly cleaned can mean better health for your family and longer lasting carpets. So what kind of cleaning does your carpet need? What are the options?

Steam Cleaning: 

  • What is it? Though there are types of cleaning that use steam, when used in reference to carpets this type of cleaning would be more accurately called hot water extraction. While steam does have bacteria-killing properties, it would probably damage man-made carpet fibres and shrink wool. As such, never attempt to use a hard-floor steam cleaner on your carpet, not even for small stains. Hot water extraction works by spraying heated water onto carpets, while simultaneously agitating the carpet to dislodge dirt and grease, and vacuuming up the water and dirt. Sometimes mild detergents are added to the water or used as pretreatments. 
  • Advantages: It is possible to clean a carpet thoroughly using only water, which is excellent for the environment, crawling infants, people with respiratory disorders and people with skin sensitivities.
  • Disadvantages: It is impossible to vacuum all the water from the carpet, making the time between the cleaning and usability of the carpet rather long. It can also exacerbate mould growth. If detergents are used, these can attract dirt from people's shoes, making it dirty within a short time of cleaning. 

Dry Cleaning:

  • What is it? This system involves the application of low-moisture cleaning chemicals or dry compounds which are them worked into the carpet, rested, then gone over with a machine that rubs the carpet, transferring the dirt onto a pad. Finally it is vacuumed.  
  • Advantages: This system is a good choice for carpets that have a lot of traffic and need a fast drying time. It is also a good choice if you live in a moisture-high environment (such as tropical areas in the storm season). There is a lot less water used and the drying time is faster, so it is less likely that mould will grow. 
  • Disadvantages: While this system is fast, it does not clean as thoroughly as the hot water extraction method. Experts recommend this type of cleaning as maintenance for carpet that sees a lot of traffic, and hot water cleaning from time to time as well. 

Things to consider: If you are cleaning a home or apartment without a power connection (for example, prior to moving into a new home) cleaning company trucks will need close access to provide power. Make sure you and the cleaning company are away or any anti-idling laws in your area. Also, if you are in an apartment complex make sure you warn neighbours and make arrangements for small children and pets, as doors will need to be open to accommodate hoses and cords.

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